08 February 2010

Bwahahaha - I'll replace their "midnight movies" with 1/2-hour long commercials about hair tonic...d'oh!

I loathe sports, at least watching them. I have a fondness for volleyball that may stem from the fact that it's the one sport I'm half-way decent at (or was - haven't played it in a long time) but even that doesn't extend to watching it. So, it will come as no surprise that this Sunday (Feb. 7) I was not glued to a TV screen watching the Super Bowl.

Instead I spent part of Super Bowl Sunday watching an episode of the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show - the one where Boris is trying to get the secret rocket-fuel formula out of Bullwinkle so he can conquer the Moon Men. There's one point in the show when our heroes are prisoners in Potsylvania, and Boris is explaining to Fearless Leader his plans for bringing America to its knees: He's going to use the rocket fuel to land on the Moon, conquer the Moon Men and then beam back to Earth 1/2-hour haircream commercials in place of America's late-night movie offerings.

Oh, how prescient he was...

01 February 2010

Why we lost in Iraq and Afghanistan

I quote from the Jan. 28 Tomgram from Anand Gopal:

An officer who has worked in the Field Detention Sites says that it takes dozens of raids to turn up a useful suspect. “Sometimes you’ve got to bust down doors. Sometimes you’ve got to twist arms. You have to cast a wide net, but when you get the right person it makes all the difference.”

For [Rodrigo] Arias, [a Marine based in the northeastern province of Kunar], it’s a matter of survival. “I want to go home in one piece. If that means rounding people up, then round them up.” To question this, he says, is to question whether the war itself is worth fighting. “That’s not my job. The people in Washington can figure that out.”

The first quote illustrates at the macro level why we lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. The second shows how we failed at the micro level. Not only has Arias been successfully conditioned to see everyone as the enemy but he's also a poster child for 30 years of Civics-less education.

"That's not my job"?! - As an American citizen that's exactly your job, Mr. Arias!